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    Memorial Service for the Orlando shooting


    The shooting in Orlando on the 12th of June 2016 shocked the world community and Curtin Community. Unfortunately mass shootings in America are far too frequent, but this event impacted the world community even more than usual due to the high number of casualties and the specific targeting of the LGBTIQ community.

    Orlando Memorial at Curtin

    Orlando Memorial at Curtin

    The 49 casualties and 53 wounded came from all walks of life, diverse nationalities and orientations, but young talented, promising and professional adults. The victims came from all nationalities, orientations and walks of life. In a world where the LGBTI community often have to hide or conform their identity to avoid questioning, harassment and exclusion, the Pulse nightclub had became a place of sanctuary, a safe place in a hostile world. When young innocent lives are lost in a place of assumed safety this is what makes the attack all the more shocking and tragic, for an already marginalised community.

    On the 17th of June Curtin University showed their support for the victims, survivors and LGBTIQ community on campus by lowering the Campus flags and listening to the voices of students and staff on campus with their experiences of this tragedy and life as an LGBTIQ student at Curtin.

    If you would like to voice your support or share your experience of this event please feel free to comment below.

    For Ally support please visit the Ally website.



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