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Curtin Libraries around the world

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off

Curtin University has campus and partner libraries from all over the world. We asked each library to write about themselves and send in a photo to share their unique perspective.

Robertson Library (Perth, Australia)

Robertson Library-small

Robertson Library is located at the heart of the Curtin University Bentley campus in Perth, Australia. The five floor space houses study spaces, library resources and computers for the campus’s 40,000 students, as well as a café, makerspace and recreational areas.

Curtin University Malaysia Library (Miri, Malaysia)


Curtin University Malaysia Library is located at the Chancellery Complex and it is known as The Library & Learning Commons. The three floor areas consist of study spaces, library resources, an IT room, TV room and an audio visual room. There is also have a magazine and fiction corner for leisure reading.


WA School of Mines Kalgoorlie Library (Kalgoorlie, Australia)

Kalgoorlie 1

Curtin University’s WA School of Mines Kalgoorlie Library is in the middle of campus in the north of building 701. The library houses a student learning area with computers, group study rooms, casual seating and a silent study room. The physical collection of unique mining and related resources for the WA School of Mines, is complimented with a print collection to support other Curtin higher education students.

Kalgoorlie 2

Curtin Singapore Library (Singapore)


Curtin Singapore Library occupies the ground floor of a double-storey campus building at Jalan Rajah in the heart of Singapore. It offers study spaces, group discussion rooms, and computers for students, as well as a collection of textbooks and reference books that support the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Curtin Singapore.

Curtin Graduate School of Business Library (Perth, Australia)


Curtin Graduate School of Business Library is located in the Perth CBD, and provides a study space for city-based postgraduate students. It holds a small specialised not-for-loan collection of books, journals and audiovisual items covering business and management.

Curtin University Dubai Library (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Curtin University Dubai Library is wide, spacious and designed to welcome the university community to serve their learning, research and recreational needs. The physical collection includes the general collection, magazines, newspapers and a fiction collection. The library also has computers for research purposes, accessing online resources and for photocopying and printing.


John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (Perth, Australia)


The John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library is located at the Curtin University Bentley campus in Perth, Australia. The JCPML holds a unique archival collection on the life of Australian Prime Minister John Curtin. It provides modern facilities and services to support researchers using the library’s archival and special collections.

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology – partner library (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka2

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology library facilities are available for students through the main library located at the Malabe campus, the Metro campus located in the heart of Colombo and in regional centers. The library supports a wide variety of subjects covered by SLIIT courses ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. All students have access to core textbooks and eResources through the library.

Sri Lanka1


Curtin University also has a partner library located at Charles Telfair Institute in Mauritius.

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Remapping the map collection

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off

Curtin University Library is currently appraising an interesting collection of maps, with the intention to make these available to staff and students.

The maps are from collections kept at Robertson Library and Kalgoorlie Campus Library (now WA School of Mines Library) and total approximately 1,500 items.


Map of all those parts of the Territory of New South Wales which have been seen by any person belonging to the settlement established at Port Jackson, in the said Territory.

The collection includes a variety of maps:

  • Geological and topographic maps, ranging from 1950s-1970s, covering areas of Western Australia and other Australian States and Territories.
  • Geological, geophysical and topographic maps as well as mine plans and areas of mining activity and resource development, ranging from 1884-2011 and covering mainly Australian and some South African mining regions.
  • Reproductions of sketches and charts of early exploration activity in Australia carried out in the early to late 1800s (including routes of expeditions, town planning and electoral districts).
  • Nautical charts of the Australian North West and North East coastline and Papua New Guinea, reproductions of surveys carried out in the 1800s.
  • Topographic maps of Central and South American regions from the early to mid-1900s.
  • A selection of geological maps of the Lunar Hemisphere from the 1960s-1970s.

Geological Sketch Map of Western Australia 1894, originally published by George Philip & Son, 32 Fleet Street, London

In reviewing the maps, the Library has focused on building a research collection, and has therefore aimed to ensure the material is relevant and useful for research purposes. Curtin’s WA School of Mines and the curator of maps at the National Library of Australia were consulted on evaluation criteria. As a result, the maps have been assessed based on historical value, Australian content, alternative availability and relevance to teaching and research needs at Curtin.

The maps were mostly published before the second world war, with a particular focus on the geology and geophysics of Australia and Western Australia (especially the Kalgoorlie region). The Kalgoorlie Campus Library maps are particularly important both for their rarity, and for their historical and potentially practical value to geology and geophysics staff and student researchers.

Once the appraisal is complete our next steps will be to ensure appropriate storage of the maps and investigate best options for discoverability and access to the collection.

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Library Student Assistants – an important part of the Library team

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off


Robertson Library employs forty students to shelve, assist clients, enforce library rules, clean and tidy specific areas, troubleshoot problems with library equipment and provide administrative and collections support. Employing students results in positive outcomes for the library, for clients, and for the library student assistants themselves.

As they patrol and work on all library floors, library student assistants are ideally placed to give feedback about building maintenance and recurring problems to supervisors during day shifts. At night, student assistants patrol the library regularly and report on attendance levels and incidents, with any immediate concerns followed up by security. From 8pm to 7am, student assistants are largely the eyes, ears and voice of the library, and are in part responsible for the success of 24/7 opening hours.

Clients may feel more comfortable dealing with a fellow student who better understands the student viewpoint and tools than another staff member. Many library student assistants are technologically orientated and able to assist clients quickly and effectively on a range of electronic devices. Student assistants often have a fresh perspective and can offer valid suggestions for improving client services.

Benefits to the library student assistant include flexible employment that works around their study schedule, receiving transferable training and practical experience in using technology, customer service and best use of resources and the opportunity to work on special projects.

The interaction between library staff, clients and library student assistants at the Robertson Library is both mutually beneficial and constantly evolving. Hundreds of students apply for the sought-after positions every year, and their work is of great value to the library, clients and students themselves.

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Meet Janice Chan, Acting Manager Research Services

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off

I have been with Curtin University Library since 2014, and am currently the Acting Manager, Research Services.


I’m responsible for the operational management of the Research Services team and the development of Library research services. My team:

  • look after Curtin’s institutional repository espace,
  • provide training and support for research data management and data publishing,
  • give advice on open access, copyright in relation to scholarly sharing and publishing, and
  • collect and provide access to Curtin research theses.

This helps our researchers gain exposure and recognition for their work, and boosts the University’s research profile.

A highlight this year was working with the project team to successfully migrate our institutional repository from DigiTool to DSpace 5.5 in February. This required over six months of preparation and the input of several teams in the Library and University. We now have a new look institutional repository with comprehensive analytics and automated processes. We’re currently working with the Office of Research and Development to integrate Curtin’s publications management system with the new espace, which will increase the utility of espace for researchers and the public.

Our next big project is to create a research support service portfolio using a service design approach. By interrogating our existing services and client journeys we can identify gaps in our service delivery. This will assist with new service development tailored to our researchers’ needs.

We’re also developing a tiered service model to improve our service to researchers. By identifying whether our service information can be self-service, first level advice or a one-to-one conversation we hope to simplify our enquiry processes and provide a seamless service to our clients.

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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off

2017 marks 50 years since the inauguration of the Western Australian Institute of Technology, which later became Curtin University. The Library is commemorating this important milestone alongside the rest of Curtin University with a number of events and projects.

Campus tours and historic photos

The Library forms part of the University’s campus tours for former staff and alumni. Library staff have been delighted to show visitors around the many changes to Robertson Library over the building’s 45 year lifespan. Some of these changes have been shared on the Library’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, keep a lookout for weekly historical posts.

JCPML Anniversary Lecture


Recently, the Library hosted the 2017 John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library Anniversary Lecture, delivered by JCPML patron the Honourable Julia Gillard AC. See our article on the JCPML Anniversary Lecture for more information.

50 Objects for 50 Years

50 Objects

The 50 Objects for 50 Years website tells the stories of our Special Collection items, one week at a time. Many of the objects are housed securely and out of sight at the JCPML, and the website provides a fascinating insight into the Library’s more unusual and rare items.

Afternoon tea reunion

An afternoon tea reunion event was held for former and current Library staff. It was an occasion for former staff to see changes in the Library, to share their memories and reconnect with the current staff. A video about former and current staff members’ fond memories of the Library will be produced from the event.

Curtin University’s 50 Years of Innovation celebrations have provided a welcome opportunity for the Library to reflect on its innovative past and future.

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Julia Gillard delivers the JCPML Anniversary Lecture

By Curtin Library 12 July 2017 News & events Comments off

Former Prime Minister the Honourable Julia Gillard AC delivered the 2017 John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library Anniversary Lecture to an audience of over 1200 attendees at Curtin Stadium.

The lecture was held on Wednesday 28 June 2017 and was titled ‘Great reform requires courage’. It acknowledged Prime Minister John Curtin’s mental health struggles and the work done by today’s governments and non-profit organisations on mental health stigma and enabling care. A video recording and transcript of the lecture is available via the JCPML website.


Photography: Alana Blowfield

Ms Gillard became the JCPML Patron in January 2015, a position traditionally held by a former Labor Prime Minister. She was recently appointed the Chair of mental health advocacy organisation beyondblue.


Photography: Alana Blowfield

University Librarian and Director, JCPML Catherine Clark praised the lecture as a great success. “Ms Gillard’s lecture gave a fascinating insight into John Curtin’s battles with mental health throughout his life. It provided a great opportunity to celebrate his achievements, and to acknowledge more recent and continuing efforts to support people with mental health conditions.  It was a privilege for the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library to host Ms Gillard for this event”.


Photography: Alana Blowfield

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New-look catalogue launched

By Curtin Library 11 July 2017 News & events Comments off

The new-look Library catalogue has arrived, check it out by searching from the Library homepage. You will see a cleaner, less cluttered catalogue offering easy access to our library resources and services.

There may be some issues as we work through implementing the new look catalogue. We thank you for your patience while this happens.

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Our new look catalogue is almost ready

By Curtin Library 10 July 2017 News & events Comments off

We’re putting the final touches on the new look catalogue, which will launch tomorrow. You will see some small changes on the current catalogue today.

There be some catalogue disruptions today as we prepare to go live, we apologise for any inconvenience.

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Suggestion: Microwave

By Curtin Library 7 July 2017 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Is it possible for the library to get some microwaves for students to use? When we’re studying it would be easier if we had the ability to bring food from home to heat up because some of us don’t have access to microwaves like engineering students :(

The Library responds…

Thank you for your suggestion. The Library has looked into providing a microwave in the past. Unfortunately the University safety standards for such equipment will not allow us to place one in the sink area at the rear of the level 2 Lounge. The Bookmark Café is run by the Guild. You could forward your suggestion to them via the Guild webpage.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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Robertson Library closing early Friday 7 July

By Curtin Library 6 July 2017 News & events Comments off

Due to electrical work being conducted in the building, Robertson Library will close from 4pm on Friday 7 July. The Library will reopen as normal on Monday 10 July.

The Library apologises for any inconvenience.

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