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Considerate use of the library

By Curtin Library 29 October 2010 News & events Comments off

As exam time approaches, we ask that you are especially mindful of your fellow library users. Please make sure you:

  • Observe absolute silence in the marked silent areas on levels 4, 5 and 6.
  • Keep noise to a minimum everywhere on levels 4, 5 and 6, as these floors are intended to be quiet study areas. Please keep the volume of discussions low in group study rooms.
  • Use library computers for study purposes only. Please refrain from occupying computers for gaming or social activities when other library users are waiting for computers. Do not leave your computer unattended for long periods (after 10 minutes you may be logged off and your belongings removed to make way for another user).
  • Avoid consuming food and drink which may disturb other library users or damage facilities. Please take hot, messy, smelly food and uncovered drinks to the lounge on level 2.
  • Library staff will be on the lookout for antisocial behaviour. In addition, if you are being disturbed or inconvenienced, you are encouraged to approach library staff or use the Help phones located on all floors to call for assistance. Library users who do not comply with staff instructions may be removed from the building and may face fines.

    The library wishes you every success in your forthcoming exams.

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Extended opening hours for exams

By Curtin Library 13 October 2010 Highlights Comments off

The library will extend its opening hours between 6 – 19 November to help you study for exams. The opening hours will be:

Monday to Friday: 7am to 10.45pm
Weekends: 10am to 10.45 pm

And if you need a silent area for study remember to check out floors 4, 5 and 6 for designated silent areas, including a silent computer area on level 5. These areas are monitored to help ensure that silence is observed. It is your right to study in peace so don’t be afraid to approach a staff member or use the help phone to call for assistance if noise levels become distracting.

Good luck with your exams!

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Noise in the library

By Stuart McDonald 27 September 2010 News & events Comments off

From the Suggestion Box @ your library.

Something should be done about noise levels. There are always people talking and laughing. This kind of defeats the object of going to the library.

The library response.

Thank you for your comment about noise in the library. The library is keen to provide the best possible study environment for all library users. As part of this, we realize that people who use the library have different preferences about noise and ways of studying. In response, the library makes available areas which allow different noise levels so that clients can choose the type of study environment that suits them best.

1) Levels 2 and 3
These are high use, busy floors with lots of facilities for group work etc. Consequently these tend to be noisy areas.

2) Levels 4, 5 and 6 general areas
These are quiet areas where library users can carry on quiet conversations or work quietly. Obviously there are going to be conversations in the group study rooms on the edge of the floors but generally these areas should not be considered social areas.

3) Levels 4, 5 and 6 silent areas
For library users who prefer a silent study environment, levels 4, 5 and 6 in the Robertson Library each have silent areas. In addition, on level 5 there is a silent computer area for those clients who need to use a library computer in a silent area. These areas are monitored and policed to ensure the silence is observed.

In all areas of the library, if the noise level becomes inappropriate for the area, the library staff will intervene. In addition, library users are welcome to approach a library staff member for assistance if the noise in a particular area is proving disruptive and does not fit with the intended noise level in the area.

I am happy to discuss this further if you would find this useful.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Flexible Delivery and Lending Services

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Download EndNote X4 (for Windows)

By Pauline Lloyd 17 August 2010 News & events Comments off

The new EndNote X4 version has been made available for Office 2010 users as EndNote X3 is not compatible with Word 2010. However, the library will not be providing support for EndNote X4 until January 2011 and all the training sessions, library PCs and the EndNote guides will still use EndNote X3.

Support materials for EndNote X4 are available on the EndNote website.

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Library workshops help you get started

By Curtin Library 2 August 2010 News & events Comments off

A number of library workshops will run in semester 2 including:

  • Getting started with EndNote (hands on)
  • Finding Journal Articles
  • Using the Internet for assignments
  • Saturday workshops.

Find out more information or book yourself into a workshop today.

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Library to open at 7am

By Curtin Library 27 July 2010 Highlights Comments off

Following a successful trial in semester 1, from Monday 2 August Robertson Library will open its doors at 7am on weekdays.

Clients will have:

  1. access to all floors
  2. use of computers and other technology
  3. access to self-serve facilities such as borrowing and Reserve Collection.

Library rovers will be on hand to help with any technology-based queries and the normal enquiry and loans desk service will operate from 8am.

As always, we welcome your feedback so tell us what you think.

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Get a head START @ your library

By Curtin Library 5 July 2010 Highlights Comments off

Take a 40 minute tour of Robertson Library to discover facilities and services to help with your study and take the opportunity to meet our friendly library staff.

There is no need to book. Just come to the Lounge@your library on level 2 five minutes before the tour is due to start. Check our schedule for tour times in Prep Week, Start Up Week and Week 1 for semester 2 2010.

After the tour library staff will point out some very useful sites from the library home page to help you to “get a head start”.

Ask at Murray Street, Kalgoorlie and Muresk campus libraries to find what tours are offered.

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From the suggestion box…

By Curtin Library 23 June 2010 News & events Comments off

Drink fountain – level 5

Filter of water drink fountain on level 5 near lifts needs to be replaced. Water tastes like metal. Thx.

The library reponds…

Thank you for alerting us about this. I will report it to University Properties and request urgent attention.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Flexible Delivery and Lending Services

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Curtin research open to the world

By Curtin Library 17 June 2010 Highlights Comments off

Curtin staff and postgraduate students.

Get more downloads of your research from espace@Curtin, the University’s institutional repository.

It gives your articles, conference papers, books, reports, chapters or creative works a launching pad to the international research community.

  • Institutional repositories are harvested by open access “discovery services” such as Google, OAIster and Australian Research Online.
  • Increase the chance that your research will be seen, read and cited more often by lodging your research in espace@Curtin.

Access espace@Curtin and discover how it can help you and how you can contribute.

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For Academic Staff with material in Reserve

By Curtin Library 17 June 2010 News & events Comments off

The library is updating Reserve and e-Reserve materials for semester 2. If you received an email from the library regarding the material you currently have lodged, please respond before 16 July to confirm these materials for next semester.

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