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Toilets closed for cleaning

By Curtin Library 25 October 2017 News & events Comments off

Please note that some toilets in Robertson Library will be closed on Wednesday 25 October and Thursday 26 October from 6pm for detailed cleaning. Other toilets in the building will remain available during this time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Meet Ben Burke

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

Ben Burke

Meet Ben Burke, a Peer Learning Facilitator for UniPASS who also juggles volunteer work, parenting, the army reserve and studies in nursing. We asked him to speak about his experience working with UniPASS and the impact on his sessions’ attendees:

I have been a Peer Learning Facilitator since June 2015, and have run sessions for Academic Writing and Human Structure & Function. I currently facilitate a session for Integrated Systems Anatomy & Physiology. A typical session will firstly consist of a warm-up activity such as a group based quiz or an icebreaker activity. From here, a session will normally consist of other activities that are purely focused on collaboration and peer learning.

Within a session I aim for students to be talking 80-90% of the time. As a facilitator, I do not give students answers to their questions, but rather redirect the students to other sources such as their lecture notes, their textbooks or towards each other, where whole class discussions can manifest.

My favourite part of my work is when a student has a light bulb moment; when you witness them suddenly comprehend a concept that they have been struggling with. Creating the environment to make this happen is really rewarding.

I think the biggest impact that UniPASS has on attendees is that it provides them with a sense of ownership for what they are learning. I have seen all types of students become leaders and bring their best to a session to benefit both themselves and their peers.

My UniPASS work is a great way to keep past material fresh in my mind, which builds the foundations of my current studies. Additionally, facilitating the learning experience has bolstered my communication, organisation and critical thinking, which will help me in my future career as a Registered Nurse. I feel that being a UniPASS Peer Learning Facilitator has helped me develop both as a person and an academic, as the nature of the position requires me to reflect and grow constantly.

Ben received the Cengage Learning Academic Incentive Award in October, awarded to the highest achieving student in the Bachelor of Science (Nursing) in their third semester.

UniPASS runs student facilitated study sessions for hard to pass Curtin University units, and has recently joined the Library. Learn more about UniPASS on their website.

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New look catalogue

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

In July this year the Library launched a new catalogue interface. The new catalogue interface offers  a cleaner, less cluttered view, a one-screen simplification of services and data for each item, enhanced filtering options, and a responsive design for improved mobile access.

Other functions and services have also been changed to improve and streamline the user experience. Filtering options have been moved from the left to the right of the results screen. Borrower Information is now located under the login name, and e-Shelf has been renamed to My Favourites and can be found under the My Favourites pin at the top of the page. Other useful links can be found under the ‘Show more’ (…) icon also at the top of the page; here you will find links to Library Guides, Databases, Document Delivery and more.

Prior to the launch, Library staff were consulted extensively and focus groups were held. Following the launch a feedback form was posted on our website so that catalogue users could send us their comments and ideas. All feedback was considered in the final customised interface and the result is a new-look catalogue that has all the functionality of the old catalogue, but with a clearer, more intuitive design that offers easy access to our resources and services.

Whilst we are always looking to improve the catalogue, we think we’ve come a long way since our first catalogue 50 years ago:

Students using the Robertson Library card catalogue

Curtin Library’s latest catalogue offers a modern and streamlined user experience for all Curtin clients.

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Curtin HDR theses in espace

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

Curtin’s institutional repository espace is an open access digital collection containing the research output of Curtin staff and students. espace currently includes 2865 Doctorate or Master by Research theses, and 95% of these are available open access.

It is a requirement for Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to provide a copy of the final version of their thesis for inclusion in espace.  espace content is visible through services such as Google, Google Scholar and Trove, which helps maximise the readership and impact of Curtin HDR theses. HDR students can access usage statistics for their thesis.

The top five most downloaded HDR theses in espace are:

Thesis details File downloads
Cox, Shaphan Leon.  2012

‘Whose city/whose Fremantle?’ : reconceptualising space for an open politics of place

Tohotoa, Jennifer Lynn. 2012

The development, implementation and evaluation of a father inclusive perinatal support intervention to increase breastfeeding duration : a randomised controlled trial

Kennison, Kristen Renee. 2011

Smoke derived taint in grapes and wine

Hardjito, Djwantoro. 2005

Studies of fly ash-based geopolymer concrete

Dippon, Christian M. 2011

Consumer preferences for mobile phone service in the U.S.: an application of efficient design on conjoint analysis


The top five most downloaded HDR theses in the last six months are:

Thesis details File downloads
Le, Bich Nhu. 2015

Examining the performance of the alternative cut flower supply chains for smallholder producers in Da Lat using a pluralistic approach

Fiske, Lucy.  2012

Insider resistance : understanding refugee protest against immigration detention in Australia, 1999 – 2005

Rahman, Mokhlesur M.  2014

Community perceptions and adaptation to climate change in coastal Bangladesh

Rickards, Anthony W.J.  1998

The relationship of teacher-student interpersonal behaviour with student sex, cultural background and student outcomes.

Riekie, Helen Mary. 2016

Student wellbeing, resilience and moral identity: Does the school climate have an impact?


Library staff assist HDR students and supervisors with the process of depositing the final version of theses to espace, and provide advice and guidance about copyright.

The Library’s espace service for HDR students facilitates the depositing of theses to the Library, maximises the exposure of Curtin HDR theses, and provides tracking of usage

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Congratulations to our University Librarian!

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

Catherine Clark

Our University Librarian, Catherine Clark, has recently been awarded the LH Martin Award for Excellence in Leadership. Catherine received her prestigious award on 18 September 2017 at a gala event held in Melbourne.

Catherine has achieved great results since her appointment as Curtin’s University Librarian in 2014 with a reputation for being collaborative, strategically focused and an excellent communicator.

One of Catherine’s most significant and recent achievements includes leading her team through the ‘Library Challenge’. The Library Challenge was a creative, task-focused event held over two half days in 2017, which gave all staff the opportunity to shape the vision and culture of the Library. This was an alternative approach to standard workshops in order to get input from all staff by providing flexible, informal and creative ways to participate.

Catherine’s leadership throughout the Library Challenge paved the way for Library staff to co-create a powerful and inspiring vision ‘A Library with great heart that empowers great minds’ and an appreciative, positive and empowering culture. Our positive results were made visible in the recently held 2017 Your Voice Satisfaction Survey.

We congratulate Catherine on her fabulous achievement!

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2017 Library survey results

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

LibQual 2

The Library ran the LibQual satisfaction survey in May 2017, with participation open to all staff and students globally. As an incentive prize, we offered participants the chance to win one of three Co-Op Bookshop vouchers.

The LibQual survey asks staff and students to rate library service quality and this provides us with a valuable dataset to compare against international libraries in the US, UK and Canada.

We had 599 responses to the survey (70% undergraduate, 17% postgraduate, 13% staff). Similar to other surveys our strength is in customer service and our weakness is in the physical library facilities.

When we compare our 2017 results with our 2012 results, there is a slight improvement for library as place, likely due to the 2013/14 Robertson Library refurbishment activity. Our overall performance score has increased from 81% to 83%.

The comments provide us with a rich perspective on what people think of the library – high areas of feedback related to our overall service (75 of 79 positive comments) and customer service (49 of 70 positive comments). Negative comments related to the lack of space in the library buildings and our collections.

In the Robertson Library, students continue to want more group study areas and have concerns about noise levels. We hope to address these issues in future space planning. As an interim measure, during exam periods we convert Level 6 to a silent area. We have also  installed better signage to indicate acceptable noise levels, and have increased floor patrols.

Feedback on our collection related mainly to requests for access to more textbooks. The Library is addressing this by actively engaging in publisher trials of new textbook models.

To learn more about how we’re responding to the survey, read the full report on the Library website.

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Reading Lists award nomination

By Curtin Library 24 October 2017 News & events Comments off

The Library’s Reading Lists implementation team has been nominated for the Excellence in Innovation category of Curtin University’s 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards For Professional Staff.

Reading List

L – R: Stella Kenworthy, David Wells, Linda Sheedy (team leader), Gordon Cunningham (CLT), Heather McLenaghan, Daniel Piczak, Amanda Bellenger, Gail Valencia, Sarah Casewell. Absent: David Lewis, Aron Nooteboom (CITS).

The team successfully implemented an integrated course reading list solution; which improved the student experience, ensured staff can meet their copyright obligations, and reduced the administrative burden for academic and professional staff through a new, innovative software.

Completing the implementation on time and on budget required substantial collaboration between the Library, Curtin Learning and Teaching, Curtin IT Services, and faculty areas. The team worked closely with other academic libraries in Australia and overseas, and worked with the software vendor to improve the platform and to accommodate Curtin requirements.

Since semester one this year, over 40% of Curtin courses have an active Reading List with 50,000 citations currently under management and 9,000 citations added in July 2017. The implementation has been an outstanding success, delivering a seamless, responsive and innovative digital environment to enhance learning and the student experience. The solution places Curtin in a leading position in delivering to students a distinctive learning experience.

The journey from conceptual idea to reality has taken nearly three years of persistent dedication and effort from the implementation team, and receiving this nomination is a richly deserved recognition.

The full list of nominees is available from the award website and the presentation ceremony will take place on 8 November 2017.

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What makes a Makerspace?

By Curtin Library 23 October 2017 News & events Comments off

Makerspace profile photo

Our maker community is just as important as our new larger venue. To commemorate the launch of the new Makerspace we asked prominent members of our maker community why the Makerspace is important to them:

“With the new Makerspace, there is plenty of opportunity for even bigger and bolder projects in the virtual reality space. A chance for making creative things, therapeutic things, learning skills and developing both art work and practical applications.”

Erik Champion – UNESCO Professorial Chair of Cultural Heritage & Visualisation, Faculty of Humanities

“The Makerspace is a great place for creating connections with others. It’s a space to relax and a place to boost creativity, whether it is by playing board games, learning about 3D printing or knitting.”

Silvia Lozeva – Strategy & Reporting Officer and coordinator of GO Learn!

“The Makerspace provides a much needed space to foster a sense of belonging and collaborative peer learning for our 800 mentors and 12,000 mentees they support. It helps us develop the mentoring community; the Makerspace is an exciting area where mentors can meet with their mentees and engage in fun, collaborative activities.”

Roselynn Lang – Manager, Peer Learning and Support and coordinator of the New to Curtin Mentor Program

“I use the Makerspace as part of my lectures and creative workshops. It is particularly well suited for design thinking sessions, due to the atmosphere of the space and the equipment available.”

Artur Lugmayr – Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities

“My work with Curtin AHEAD in Schools brings groups of school students to the campus to learn about university life. The Makerspace has provided opportunities for students to take part in a university experience and to have access to materials and technologies they might have at school. The workshops have been well received by both school staff and students.”

Kate Bird – Learning Experience Coordinator

“The Makerspace as a larger venue is fantastic, as there is lots of space for crafting, making and programming; which helps bring people in to take part in our VR and coding activities.”

Wai Wan – Australian Virtual Reality Network

“I believe the Makerspace plays an important role in lifelong learning by developing information and digital fluency and other important capabilities, such as problem solving and creative/critical thinking in staff and students. It can support both curricula and non-cirricula activities, including research, and contributes to the wellbeing of the Curtin community.”

Karen Miller – Sessional Academic, Faculty of Humanities

“Having a team that’s invested in the wellbeing of the campus and its community has made Curtin a more exciting place to be. The Makerspace is fundamental in this work, in its ability to bring people together.”

Rachelle Jones – Place Activation Coordinator

Read more about the Makerspace on our website or drop in from 10am – 2pm Monday – Friday during semester (building 105, level 5).

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Suggestion: Room on Level 6

By Curtin Library 23 October 2017 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Hey Library staff,

I noticed that the room on level 6, next to the silent computer room has been closed due to noise issues. I normally study there, practically every day of the week, and have never had any issues with that room. In fact it is normally the only room that is quiet, that’s why I study there, but I can fully understand the other two rooms. I am quite a high achieving student and really like using that room particularly on the weekends, is there any way that it can return to being open 24hours. I really appreciate your consideration, thankyou. Please let me know your decision.

The Library responds…

Thank you for the suggestion.  I know how much students appreciate each of our study spaces and often have strong preferences.  We were getting lots of complaints about the noise transmitting into the silent space from that room and the trial change we made was in response to those complaints.   It is a trial until the end of this semester and your request to have the room open 24/7 will be considered in the review of the trial.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Curtin University Library

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Suggestion: Secure Storage for Personal Belongings

By Curtin Library 23 October 2017 News & events Comments off

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Hi staff, just suggesting about the security of personal belongings. Is there any chance if the library can [install] small chests along the tables to keep the belongings secure, in case one need to go to toilet or food or to have a fresh air during long study period? Thanks

The Library responds…

Thank you for your useful suggestion.  I understand how inconvenient it is to have to take all your belongings if you need to move even for a short period.  The approach you suggest is something I have seen in University Libraries overseas.  I will make sure it is considered in future improvements to our study spaces and furniture.   I hope the rest of the semester goes well for you.

Lynne Vautier
Associate Director
Curtin University Library

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