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Suggestion: study room occupancy

By Curtin Library 21 June 2018 News & events Comments Off on Suggestion: study room occupancy

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Can the study rooms be available for 2 people instead of minimum 3? Not everyone has 2 friends to study with! Plus, I needed to use the white board in library and rooms are easier to discuss with 2 pax… 3 is a chaos… Can the library look into allowing 2? I am annoyed getting chased out time and time again by the staff just because i don’t hit the min number of people in a room

The Library responds…

Thank you for the suggestion to allow two people to work in group study rooms. Depending on demand, this may be a good idea to allow you to have access to the facilities you need. We will take this into account when reviewing all our feedback from Semester 1 and looking at any changes going forward. We are certainly looking at ways to make more spaces for pairs available.

Just to let you know there are a number of three-sided open spaces on levels 2 and 4, which provide whiteboards without the requirement for at least three people to use the space. These may be suitable for you in the meantime, though I do understand that they are not always available.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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