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Suggestion: ‘Spray Free’ Zone

By Curtin Library 9 May 2018 News & events No Comments »

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Would it be possible to implement the library as a “spray-free” zone, where we are able to discourage library patrons from spraying perfume while inside the library? As a student with asthma, I have a hard time functioning after someone sprays perfume or body-spray, as it often sends me into coughing and sneezing fits.

The Library responds…

Thank you for the suggestion regarding promoting a ‘spray free’ zone in the library. We have now added “BE AIR AWARE” posters to the electronic signage displaying in the Library, to raise awareness and promote consideration of others. We will also investigate other steps we might be able to take to discourage use of sprays and scented products. I hope this will help to maintain a comfortable environment for all library users and would welcome any further feedback or suggestions you might have.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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