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Suggestion: Sanitary Wipe Dispenser on Level 4

By Curtin Library 26 April 2018 News & events Comments Off on Suggestion: Sanitary Wipe Dispenser on Level 4

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Firstly, fantastic effort getting power to all of the desks in the level 4 quiet room.

Would it be possible to get a disposable sanitary wipe dispenser fitted in this room? that way I wan wipe the desk down before I use it, as some people feel the need to cut their nails at the desks….


The Library responds…

Many thanks for your feedback regarding the Level 4 Silent Area and for the suggestion to provide a wipe dispenser in this area. As we do have one available, we will arrange to have this fitted soon.

Barbara Parnaby
Curtin University Library

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