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Suggestion: microwave

By Curtin Library 12 September 2018 News & events 12 Comments »

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Can we please get microwaves in the kitchen area of the library?

I have visited the Murdoch Geoffrey Bolton Library, the ECU Joondalup Library, and the UWA Reid Library, and all three have microwaves in their libraries. The UWA Reid Library has five microwaves for public use on their first floor and I assume it’s not Guild-operated because it’s separate to their cafe, and those microwaves aren’t even attached to a kitchen.

Most the time, students are tight on cash and have to bring food from home that needs to be microwaved. The Bookmark Cafe refuses to warm up food for us, probably due to health restrictions, and the closest microwave that is for student use is the Engineering Pavillon, and that’s restricted to only Engineering students for the most of the study day. That essentially makes the Guild the closest building with microwaves.

It’s pretty ridiculous that we have to walk all the way to the Curtin Guild building to warm up our food, especially in really hot or rainy weather, when there’s a perfectly good kitchen that a microwave(s) could be placed in. It would be super helpful and appreciated if there could be some microwaves installed so we could warm up our foods :)

The Library responds…

Thank you for your feedback.  At this stage the Library is unable to provide this service, but it will be looked at as part of the Library refurbishment.

Colin Sinclair
Curtin University Library

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  1. anon September 12, 2018 10:25pm

    I have seen this requested multiple times. I agree that as a student, I seriously think this would be a great assist to the library. Please consider it.

  2. helena Joyce September 13, 2018 9:11am

    I am surprised! A large institution like Curtin can’t afford one microwave! Come on, why wait for a refurbishment that takes months to complete and costs more money than I’ll ever make. A microwave is a cheap thing. To quote Nike, “Just do it!”

    Helena, ‘who likes hot food’, Joyce.

  3. Sam September 13, 2018 3:24pm

    I agree, it’s a big time waster and an inconvenience to walk up Guild just to use the microwave. There is always a cue to use the microwave as it is pretty much the only viable place for the majority of students to access a working microwave. The only other places I know of is engineering pavilion, which is not open to everyone, and the student common room in chemistry/building 500.

    It would be especially useful when the guild shuts for the day (can’t go and heat food after 4pm) so people who come later in the day are unable to find somewhere to heat their food and so miss out. Thankyou for your consideration.

  4. ANON September 13, 2018 11:16pm

    In full agreeance with this suggestion! Every other major university in WA has accommodated for its students in this simple yet significant way… why hasn’t Curtin?
    This is for students on a budget.
    This is for students who stay for the late nights until the early hours of the mornings to study.
    This is for students who AREN’T engineering or chemistry students.
    This is for YOUR students.

    The Library is the hub of student traffic and it would seem borderline daft (to say the least) not utilise the library’s space and focus on student satisfaction within this area. Again, it’s a very simple thing to do but it would help A LOT of students.

    It’s understandable that Curtin would wait for refurbishments to then “consider” this installation but I’d like to know when these refurbishments are estimated to take place and what kind of other considerations they’re thinking of installing instead.

    Microwaves in the library or ACCESSIBLE microwaves in nearby locations are needed. If there isn’t some kind of accommodation for the students who don’t have easy access to these facilities, then Curtin is doing a poor job of providing the “Curtinnovation” that it so proudly boasts of and aspires for its students.

    Don’t leave this as a small consideration as it’s commonly vocalised within the student community that it’s wanted. Curtin’s great, but if you’re adamant about creating a “greater Curtin” maybe this might be a good step.

    Thank you for your time. Hoping to see these installations soon.

  5. Anonymous September 14, 2018 11:06am


    Impacts the following marginalised students:

    – Students who have mobility issues
    – Students from Low SES
    – Student who have religious eating requirements
    – Students who have certain eating requirements due to health reasons
    – Students who have certain eating requirements due to ethical choices

    What about students who have a mobility issue – what are they suppose to do if they are studying and want to eat their own hot food? Totally makes studying in the library impossible…

    Access to heating food while studying is so important. I live over 1 hour away and I cant afford to buy food on campus. Also many students for health / religious reasons and ethical reasons can’t buy food which is healthy for them on campus, so the only option is to bring their own food.

    Without a place to heat it up, its extremely difficult to study on campus. The guild is not open all the time, especially on the w/ends or late afternoons/evenings when many students study. It is also to far to go if you are set up studying (books open, laptop open and excercise books open) to pack up, heat food for 3 minutes and then re-set up again to simply to eat some hot food. If you have a mobility issue this is a absolute nightmare!!!!!!

    It results in students having very little choice but to not use the library to study or simply cutting short their studying or worse skipping meals and attempting to continue studying while hungry and eating terrible food from vending machines.

    There is so much peer reviewed research demonstrating the importance of eating healthy meals while studying rather than eating vending machine snacks….


    – At present the library is a more suitable environment for those to study who can afford cafe food, dont have food intolerances, and those who donts have religious eating requirements.

    THIS IS NOT FAIR…seriously a microwave can be bought for $70, $90, $115 at Kmart, Target, Big W, etc…

  6. Kate September 14, 2018 11:26am

    I have a perfectly good microwave I no longer use, that I can give to the Library. Let me know if this is an option that could work :-)

  7. Curtin Library September 14, 2018 3:06pm

    Thanks for all your feedback. At present, we are unable to facilitate a microwave in the Library due to the ageing ventilation system in Robertson Library. We have consulted with Curtin University Properties, Facilities & Development on this matter and until we upgrade the ventilation system, microwaves cannot be accommodated in the open areas.

    We have had numerous evacuations in recent times, due to items that are setting off the fire alarms because of limited ventilation (deodorant spray, steam etc.). We have had to change work practices in both the Bookmark Café and the Library staff area in order to prevent these continuing.

    We are fully appreciative of the desire for appropriate kitchen facilities. The Library is working through the options with Curtin Student Guild and Properties, Facilities & Development as part of the refurbishments to see what can be done; though this is only in the early planning stage so will be a longer term solution. We apologise that we cannot do more at this stage but it is, unfortunately, one of the limitations of the ageing infrastructure of the building.

    Colin Sinclair
    Curtin University Library

  8. Helena Joyce September 18, 2018 9:33am

    Maybe a way around this issue it to liaison with each university department to make microwaves available, especially them with newer buildings.
    In the psych building, there is a microwave available in the student common room, you just need to apply to the psych department to get your student card added to the list and you can swipe and enter 24/7 if you want to!!
    Each faculty needs this facility as the ‘ventilation issue’ is a library building problem that could take years to fix. The supply of a microwave use should be possible if we think around this problem. But everyone should be made aware. Come on Student Services, UP YOUR GAME!

  9. Andrea September 19, 2018 10:46am

    I have been wanting to ask this for the longest time! finally saw a thread. WE ALL want a microwave in the library kitchen, surely it doesn’t cost that much.

    The school makes so much money off us and can’t even look out for us to simply supply a microwave? why?
    A lot of people need it. A lot of people are broke or struggling students, and
    i can’t bring my food to uni because I can’t heat up and it’s inconvenient and the cafe staff don’t want to heat up my food. We have thousands of students here, but not a single microwave available to us on campus.

    Please reconsider this.

  10. anon September 19, 2018 10:54am

    honestly doubt a small microwave will set off the fire alarm.
    have you thought about putting it somewhere else in a open area, even the cafe. how are they able to cook food without setting off the fire alarm now.

    that ventilation excuse is just pathetic.

    • anon September 19, 2018 12:52pm

      i agree, why not just put it in the library cafe if its a “ventilation” issue? one of my lecturers said it was really due to the uni not wanting to be sued if someone were to catch salmonella by incorrectly heated food… but yet we are an “adult” institution…?

  11. anon September 19, 2018 1:32pm

    well then find a way to make it work.
    its is really frustrating living over an hour and a half away, and having to be on campus 4 days a week with no facilities for warming food past a certain hour.
    We are educated people, lets problem solve to find a better solution then having to change the whole ventilation system for a few microwaves. Curtin is branded as “innovative”, we even have busses that drive themselves, yet we cant get a microwave in a library. use your brains people and find a solution to make it work.