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Suggestion: Book Requests

By Curtin Library 8 March 2019 News & events Comments Off on Suggestion: Book Requests

From the suggestion box@Curtin Library…

Stop making people bring books back like a month before the due date because “someone recalled it” stupid I got the books FIRST

The Library responds…

Thank you for your feedback.

The current recall system, which allows you to have an item for 7 days following a request by another client is the fairest way we have found so far to share a limited resource. Unfortunately, the library does not have the resources to provide a copy of a book for each client.

I do agree that our current loan periods create a false expectation of the time you will have with the book. As such, we are currently reviewing our recall processes and the way that we loan books to our clients. We will incorporate your feedback into our review.

Adele MacDonald
Curtin University Library

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