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Love Data Week 2019

By Curtin Library 11 February 2019 News & events Comments Off on Love Data Week 2019

Love Data Week is a global event coordinated by research data specialists to promote awareness and discussion around a range of research data topics. Running from February 11-15, 2019, it provides an opportunity for discussions with researchers, staff and students on topics relevant to us all.

The theme this year is “data in everyday life”. This will be explored through two topics:

  1. Open data – Do you know how you can publish your research data? Did you know you can publish your code along with your data? What does the term ‘open data’ actually describe? How can researcher make their data open and should they? How can we retrieve and manipulate data that is openly available to all?
  1. Data justice – Are you a researcher working with personal data? Do you have a Twitter or Instagram account? Who has access to data about individuals and who should have access? If that data is gathered by others, how much say should you have in how it’s used? What if that data is misused or accidentally lost?

These issues can be incredibly important for researchers when considering research efficiency, maximising impact and ensuring ethical research conduct. Curtin Library provides training and advice to help researchers manage their research data and identify appropriate ways for sharing it. The Library’s data publication service enables Curtin researchers to publish open data.

To learn more about best practice research data management and the data management services available to you at Curtin, check out the data management guide, attend one of our seminars, or contact

If you are keen to do something a little less structured, you can tinker with easy free tools for data exploration, or explore some fun data-driven examples of correlation vs causation and visualisations.

For the Twitterati, you can engage and keep up with all the #LoveData19 happenings on Twitter.

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