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How do I change the Unit Coordinator in a Unit

By Learning Technologies Support October 22nd, 2012 OLAS FAQs

There can only be one Unit Coordinator per unit. Only Unit Coordinators can change the Unit Coordinator.

Changes are done via the Online Learning Administration System (OLAS)

My Unit is not appearing in OLAS or Blackboard

By Learning Technologies Support October 16th, 2012 OLAS FAQs

The reason why a unit does not appear in Blackboard or Online Learning Administration System (OLAS) is that the unit has not been created in OLAS .

What is OLAS?

By Learning Technologies Support September 28th, 2012 OLAS FAQs

OLAS (Online Learning Administration System) is middleware created by Curtin university and used to administer Blackboard units and enrolments.

OLAS allows you to.

  • Create Units
  • Manage Units
  • Manage student enrolment
  • Manage staff users

Online Guide to Using OLAS