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Issue with Turnitin direct assignments counting towards the final grade column

By Learning Technologies Support June 22nd, 2016 Blackboard Issues Turnitin Issues

Curtin is currently experiencing a Turnitin Direct glitch that is preventing some Turnitin Direct assignments being counted towards the final grade in the Blackboard Grade Centre.

This is a result of an integration issue between Blackboard and Turnitin – The blackboard grade centre setting ‘Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations’ is repeatedly overwritten from ‘Yes’ and defaults back to ‘No’.

This will be resolved with our planned update to the Turnitin Direct plugin v2.5 however we are unable to do this during the Semester.

There are two work around solutions – Solution one will release your grades to your students. Solution two will not release the grades to the students.

Solution 1 – Reveal grades to students

  1. Navigate to the Turnitin Submission Point
  2. Select Modify Tab
  3. Under Advanced Assignment Options alter Reveal grades immediately to ‘Yes’
  4. In the Blackboard GC the column should now be counted towards the ‘Final Grade’ column

Solution 2 – Create manual GC column to allow for marks to be counted towards the final grade

  1. Navigate to the Grade Centre
  2. Select Create Column
  3. Enter name and description (i.e. backup column for *name of column*) and alter the options to the following and then select Submit
    GC options
  4. Under the work offline options select ‘Download’
    download full gc
  5. Leave the default options and select Submit
  6. Copy the results from the TII direct assignment column and paste them into the newly created column then save the document with a unicode text format
  7. Navigate back to Full Grade Centre in Blackboard
  8. Under the Work Offline options select ‘Upload’
    gc upload image
  9. Select the Browser My Computer option and select the file you’ve just saved
  10. The manually created column will now point towards the final grade instead of the TII direct column

If you have any queries or issues about this please contact us via the IT Self Service Portal (located on all Curtin Desktop computers) and select ‘Learning System Requests’.

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