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Policy as Punishment: Asylum Seekers in the Community without the Right to Work

Curtin University researchers from the Centre for Human Rights Education have just released the findings of the first academic study into the experiences of asylum seekers living in the community in Australia without the right to work. The study highlights the distress and fear caused by not being able to work and the ongoing uncertainty […]

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Report: Released but not yet free

Dr Lisa Hartley and Dr Caroline Fleay have released a research report titled Released but not yet free: Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Community after Long‐Term Detention. The report explores the experiences of asylum seekers released into the community after long-term immigration detention in Australia (between 15 – 25 months). This is the first […]

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Publications: Refugee and asylum seeker rights – Dr Lucy Fiske

A number of pieces have been published this year on refugee and asylum seeker issues by Centre for Human Rights Education staff member Dr Lucy Fiske. On 5 July 2012, “Want to Stop the Boats? Make refuge available off-shore” was published in The Conversation online. The article addressed the topical issue of “Australia’s politicians determined […]

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Radio Interview: Impact of Recent Expert Panel Report on Asylum Seekers

Director of the CHRE, Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny, will be a guest on the ABC Law Report which airs on ABC Radio National on Tuesday 21 August 2012 at 3.30 pm Perth time. Associate Professor Mary Anne Kenny and Professor Mary Crock, from the University of Sydney Law School, were interviewed about the […]

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A sad farewell to Professor Linda Briskman

We are very sad to say that after more than five years as the Chair of the Centre for Human Rights Education, Linda Briskman is leaving today to take up the position of Professor of Human Rights at the Institute of Social Research, Swinburne University. We wish her all the very best back in Melbourne. […]

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Recent Activity at the Centre

On Saturday 5 November, Professor Linda Briskman delivered a keynote address to participants at the Australian Association of Social Workers conference in Townsville. The theme of the conference was Advance Australia Fair? The role of Social Work in achieving social justice and human rights and Linda spoke on ‘The human rights imperative for asylum seekers: […]

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Conference: Dialogue Under Occupation

Miyume Tanji joined the 5th meeting of the “Dialogue Under Occupation” held in Okinawa, Japan in August 2011. “It’s purpose is the ongoing exploration of dialogue and discourse in areas of the world experiencing occupation. Dialogue under occupation does not mean that the less powerful or powerless are accepting the occupation in any form, but […]

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Welcome to Professor Anna Haebich, the Centre’s new Research Fellow

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the Centre’s new Research Fellow, Professor Anna Haebich who has been awarded a Curtin Senior Research Fellowship for her project titled: “Sustaining Indigenous Cultures and Wellbeing through the Performing Arts” for the next five years. We look forward to having Anna here at the CHRE and […]

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