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Report: The Hidden Men

Caroline Fleay and Linda Briskman released a report on the 17th of November to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship based on their visits to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre in 2011. The Hidden Men report details a range of issues of concern that were evident during Caroline and Linda’s five visits to Curtin IDC. In particular, it […]

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Centre staff alert MPs to conditions in the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre

Caroline Fleay and Linda Briskman have recently returned from another visit to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. Shocked to see the deterioration in mental health of many of the men they had seen on previous visits, they hold grave concerns particularly for those who have now been in detention for more than one year. In an effort to […]

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Australia’s Detention Values: Rhetoric or Reality?

On 30 March 2011,  approximately 100 people attended an evening speaking event at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies at Curtin University, which included numerous speakers from across Western Australia: – Linda Briskman;  Michelle Dimasi; Clare Middlemas; Sue Hoffman; Dr Caroline Fleay; and Dr Anne Pederson. As all of the speakers discussed, Refugee Detention Centres are […]

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Visiting Members of Parliament about the Treatment of Asylum Seekers

A new lobbying project was launched at the Centre for Human Rights Education’s recent event ‘Australia’s Detention Values: Rhetoric or Reality?’ in March 2011. If you are concerned about the treatment of asylum seekers, particularly in relation to mandatory detention, you might like to visit your local federal Member of Parliament to tell them about […]

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