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Centre staff alert MPs to conditions in the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre

By Gaylene Galardi 11 October 2011 Campaigns Comments Off

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Caroline Fleay and Linda Briskman have recently returned from another visit to the Curtin Immigration Detention Centre. Shocked to see the deterioration in mental health of many of the men they had seen on previous visits, they hold grave concerns particularly for those who have now been in detention for more than one year.

In an effort to alert Members of Parliament to the situation at the detention centre, Caroline and Linda sent a letter on the 3rd of October 2011, outlining their concerns to a range of Labor and Coalition MPs. They state, “Like an increasing number of people in the Australian and international community, we call for an end to the mandatory detention policy. This policy is becoming increasingly entrenched through the proliferation of detention centres throughout the mainland, despite an ever increasing level of evidence that shows indefinite detention is harmful to those detained.” Read more here.

The Centre for Human Rights Education and Asylum Seeker Christmas Island’s submission to the detention inquiry which outlines further concerns in relation to mandatory detention has also been sent to MPs. Read more here.

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