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Modifying an information literacy game for outreach events

By John Brown 27 November 2015 News Comments off

In this case study Lisa Martin (University of Houston) and Will Martin (University of North Dakota) present their findings around using a simple board-game-like online game for teaching basic information literacy.

Curtin staff and students can access this article here.

Citation: Lisa Martin Will Martin , (2015),”Modifying an information literacy game for outreach events”, Reference Services Review, Vol. 43 Iss 4 pp. 643 – 655


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Purposeful Gaming: Work as Play

By John Brown 27 October 2015 News Comments off

In this article from Ariadne author Patrick Randall (Outreach Coordinator for Purposeful Gaming for the Ernst Mayr Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University) looks at how games can be used to crowd source improvements in OCRed text in digitization initiatives.

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Library Quest

By John Brown 23 September 2015 News Comments off

Rowan Mangan (Communications and Marketing Advisor at RMIT University Library) has created Library Quest, a browser-based game to inform students on library services. Since impletmenting it with great and provable success at RMIT, she has since made it available at a cost to other libraries.

Information about the game is here:

A brief playable demo can be found here:

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Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to Enhance eLearning

By John Brown 27 August 2015 News Comments off

Rick Raymer (an established game designer from the North Carolina Community College System’s BioNetwork) discusses how specific gamification concepts can be applied to motivating learners.

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Does Gamification Work? — A Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Gamification

By John Brown 27 July 2015 News Comments off

This paper from the 2014 47th Hawaii International Conference on System Science by three Finnish researchers critically examines a key issue regarding gamification and outcomes: does it work ?

It can be viewed here.

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The potential for using gamification in academic libraries in order to increase student engagement and achievement

By John Brown 30 June 2015 News Comments off

In this article Andrew Walsh of the University of Huddersfield discusses the quantitative impact of implementing Lemontree (a library-specific gamification project by the University of Huddersfield and Running In The Halls, an external design and creative company).

The article can be viewed here.

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Game-Based Learning

By John Brown 9 June 2015 News Comments off

In this paper Annie Pho and Amanda Dinscore of the Association of College and Research Libraries and American Library Association Instructional Technologies Committee discuss game-based learning in an academic library context.

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Harnessing the power of game dynamics

By John Brown 28 April 2015 News Comments off

In this article from College and Research Libraries News, Bohyun Kim discusses some “Dos and Don’ts” of library gamification based drawn from gamification literature.

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Macquarie’s New Worlds

By Jennie Martin 1 October 2014 News Comments off

A simulation game for postgraduate biodiversity students is being developed by Macquarie University and will be trialled in the first semester of next year. The game, New Worlds, will enable students to explore, survey and publish data on a virtual world using tools and skills they would employ while undertaking fieldwork in the real world.

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Why computer games can be essential for human flourishing

By John Brown 30 September 2014 News Comments off

In this paper Barbro Fröding discusses the ethical concerns of changing people’s focus through gaming.


From: Fröding, Barbro & Peterson, Martin (2013). Why computer games can be essential for human flourishing Journal of Information, Communication & Ethics in Society 11(2,) p81-91.

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