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eScholar 2012 – Applied research methods using online experiments

Through the implementation of online research experiments, Peter Allen aimed to make his research methods unit more relevant and engaging for students.

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eScholar 2011 – Cooperation and collaboration with Google Docs

Ashley Aitken, from the School of Information Systems used Google Docs with his students to facilitate more cooperation, collaboration and engagement. Students reported that developing shared lecture summaries was a useful revision activity.

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eScholar 2011 – Using assessment strategies to promote student engagement

Tania Broadley and Genevieve Johnson engaged students by using regular assessment points. Students developed their own questions and answered other students questions.

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eScholar 2011 – Online student debates

Teri Charrois from the School of Pharmacy used online debates to promote critical thinking with positive results. Both formative and summative debate tasks were carried out. The activity was delivered online using CreateDebate. It provided an authentic learning opportunity for the students to be actively engaged with.

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Issue 23 – 2010 eScholar showcase

The inaugural eScholar program in 2010 involved ten enthusiastic individuals and teams conducting action research to determine how a learning activity could be effectively implemented using one or more learning technologies.

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