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Blackboard Collaborate on Tablet PC’s

Lecturer: FLET SciEng
Category: Collaboration and communication, Mobile learning, PD Blog

This is a CurtinShared resource.

Date: June 2014

Attendees: Jonathon Paxman, Ian Howard, Chris Rawson, Diana Taylor, Jacqui Kelly, Judy Schrape, Leanne Miller, David Spann (BB Collaborate Manager)

We covered a lot of ground in this workshop, including a spot of FUN!

Workshop resources

Download PowerPoint slides

Collaborate Session recording

Who had used Blackboard Collaborate?

To give some background:

  • 3 of 8 attendees had never used […]

Pen and Tablet Technologies (PnTT) Project

Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Mobile learning, PD Blog

The FLET-SciEng team has facilitated the formation of a community of practice focussed on the use of pen and tablet PC technologies in academic practice. This is a research project that will lead to individual and collaborative papers and presentations.

The initiative has been funded by the Transforming Learning Educational Technologies project. The funding meant that a number of pen and tablet PCs were made available to staff who did not already possess the technology or required new models to extend […]

ECE Strategic Project – Sumedha Rajakaruna

Lecturer: Sumedha Rajakaruna
School: Electrical Engineering and Computing
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eAssessment, PD Blog

As part of the Electrical and Computing Engineering Strategic Project, Sumedha Rajakaruna addressed two key challenges in the unit he teaches, that is:

  • Finding an alternative to using a whiteboard as it isn’t always available in every venue and doesn’t record on iLectures
  • Finding an efficient and effective way to mark assignments submitted online

The following YouTube video is an excerpt from a micro symposium of project participants showcasing their work. Along with addressing his challenges Sumedha goes into detail about how he […]


Using Flickr to share student responses in class

Category: Mobile learning

Dr Gordon Ingram (School of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering) currently coordinates Process Modelling and Simulation 314. Within this unit, Gordon hands out A3 worksheets to his students; who work through them and complete them by hand.

An example of one of the A3 worksheets

In this blog post we will explain how staff can use Flickr to get students to share their work in class using only their smart phones and Wifi.

Flickr is a free online photo sharing […]

eScholar 2012 – eLearning options to assist students learning

Lecturer: Leslie Almberg
School: Applied Geology
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Mobile learning, Student support

Geologist Leslie Almberg used a variety of technological options to improve learning in her first year class. Vodcasts, pre-practical lectures and use of the iPad in class all assisted in improving student engagement and learning outcomes.

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