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eScholar 2012 – Digitally enhanced activities: Debates and photo gallery

Lecturer: Jonathan Hallett
School: Health Promotion and Sexology
Category: Collaboration and communication, eAssessment, eScholar

Jonathan Hallett implements digital technologies to increase student interaction across cohorts and increase technological literacy. Digital debates using blogs and an online photo gallery are two strategies employed. Jonathan discusses how these strategies were carried out and how they enhanced the student learning experience.

eScholar 2012 – Applied research methods using online experiments

Lecturer: Peter Allen
School: Psychology
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar

Through the implementation of online research experiments, Peter Allen aimed to make his research methods unit more relevant and engaging for students.

eScholar 2012 – Embedding Aboriginal stories using augmented reality

Lecturer: Leah Irving
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Game based learning, Mobile learning, Virtual environments

Through the use of augmented reality Leah Irving and Julie Hoffman developed a learning resource that layered Aboriginal stories over the urban landscape. Students had the opportunity to experience these stories in the geographical location using their mobile devices. The resource was designed to assist in students’ reflection on Aboriginal culture.

eScholar 2011 – Technology enhanced learning activities

Lecturer: Marina Ciccarelli
School: Occupational Therapy and Social Work
Category: Collaboration and communication, eScholar

Marina Ciccarelli explored the use of wiki technology to encourage reflection of learning materials and audience response technology to foster review, feedback and discussion.

eScholar 2011 – Embedding eLearning from year one

Lecturer: Courtenay Harris
School: Occupational Therapy
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Collaboration and communication, eScholar, Student support

Courtenay Harris used a variety of eLearning activities to support the learning outcomes of her unit in the school of Occupational Therapy and Social Work. Students were more engaged and felt supported using technology tools to advance their learning.

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