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Virtual environments

eScholar 2012 – Embedding Aboriginal stories using augmented reality

Lecturer: Leah Irving
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Game based learning, Mobile learning, Virtual environments

Through the use of augmented reality Leah Irving and Julie Hoffman developed a learning resource that layered Aboriginal stories over the urban landscape. Students had the opportunity to experience these stories in the geographical location using their mobile devices. The resource was designed to assist in students’ reflection on Aboriginal culture.

Teaching in a virtual classroom

Category: Collaboration and communication, PD Blog, Virtual environments

A virtual classroom is a synchronous online platform that offers an array of opportunities in the way lecturers connect with students and the type of activities students engage in. It’s important to remember that the same pedagogical principles apply in this environment and it’s a matter of harnessing the tools to meet your educational needs.

Below are some resources to help you plan, design and facilitate your virtual classroom session.

Facilitating e-learning – Hints and Tips
A suite of practical tips […]

Blackboard Collaborate

Issue 30 – From Elluminate to Bb Collaborate

Category: Collaboration and communication, PD Blog, Student support, Virtual environments

Curtin is upgrading from Elluminate Live! to Blackboard Collaborate on 20 June 2012. Those already familiar with Elluminate Live! will notice a few changes in the interface and you can find out more about these changes on our website.

Blackboard Collaborate is a live web conferencing and virtual classroom platform that allows staff and students to communicate using a real-time learning space. The main features include two-way audio, multipoint video, an interactive whiteboard, application sharing, web tour, polling and session recording.


Oral presentation assessment tasks in an online environment

Lecturer: Julie Walker
School: Centre for eLearning
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eAssessment, Virtual environments

The interview covers:

  • about the unit;
  • the assessment strategy;
  • use of technology as part of assessment tasks;
  • support strategies employed; and
  • success factors & outcomes.

Online Classroom for remote and distance education students

Lecturer: Kyle Bowyer
School: Business and Law
Category: Virtual environments

Use of virtual classrooms to accomodate distance education and international students

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