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BYOD Polling for student engagement

Category: Mobile learning, Student support

Web based polling tools have rejuvenated audience response technologies, providing a quick and easy way to capture student responses within a teaching space. There is no need to provide each student with a clicker in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment.

Why should you Poll your students?

To capture student responses

  • Poll tools keep a record of responses and can provide statistical reports.

To gauge student understanding:

  • Pose questions directly related to the content of your unit.

To stimulate student thinking through meaningful […]

eScholar 2012 – eLearning options to assist students learning

Lecturer: Leslie Almberg
School: Applied Geology
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Mobile learning, Student support

Geologist Leslie Almberg used a variety of technological options to improve learning in her first year class. Vodcasts, pre-practical lectures and use of the iPad in class all assisted in improving student engagement and learning outcomes.

eScholar 2011 – Cooperation and collaboration with Google Docs

Lecturer: Ashley Aitken
School: Information Systems
Category: eScholar, Student support

Ashley Aitken, from the School of Information Systems used Google Docs with his students to facilitate more cooperation, collaboration and engagement. Students reported that developing shared lecture summaries was a useful revision activity.

eScholar 2011 – Embedding eLearning from year one

Lecturer: Courtenay Harris
School: Occupational Therapy
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Collaboration and communication, eScholar, Student support

Courtenay Harris used a variety of eLearning activities to support the learning outcomes of her unit in the school of Occupational Therapy and Social Work. Students were more engaged and felt supported using technology tools to advance their learning.

eScholar 2011 – Virtual site visit supports student learning

Lecturer: Elizabeth Karol
School: School of Built Environment
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Student support

Elizabeth Karol used a virtual video tour of a building to enable students to have access to ‘behind the scenes’ services in a building. These services are usually in tight spaces making it difficult for large groups of students to actually see the services as installed whilst listening to a commentary. The recording of interviews in the service areas with the building engineers gave students a valuable insight into the technologies used in the running of a ‘green’ building […]

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