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Lecturer: FLET SciEng
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, PD Blog

Check out this Space Race resource and think about your engagement with it. Did you feel the urge to want to interact with it? Did you learn anything about the subject mater?

Interactive infographic – How big is space?

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Why do they work? Lets see why through an infographic itself

13 reasons why your brain craves infographics

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“…even a static infographic can feel immersive and interactive because of the way it offers multiple paths for […]

Pen and Tablet Technologies (PnTT) Project

Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Mobile learning, PD Blog

The FLET-SciEng team has facilitated the formation of a community of practice focussed on the use of pen and tablet PC technologies in academic practice. This is a research project that will lead to individual and collaborative papers and presentations.

The initiative has been funded by the Transforming Learning Educational Technologies project. The funding meant that a number of pen and tablet PCs were made available to staff who did not already possess the technology or required new models to extend […]

eScholar 2012 – Applied research methods using online experiments

Lecturer: Peter Allen
School: Psychology
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar

Through the implementation of online research experiments, Peter Allen aimed to make his research methods unit more relevant and engaging for students.

eScholar 2012 – Student created case studies and video blog reflections

Lecturer: Katharina Wolf
School: Marketing
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, Collaboration and communication, eAssessment, eScholar

Katharina Wolf implemented a student centred, blended learning approach to increase student engagement across campuses. By having students generate their own case studies and use video blogging for reflection students gained a deeper and richer learning experience.

eScholar 2012 – Embedding Aboriginal stories using augmented reality

Lecturer: Leah Irving
Category: Audiovisual and multimedia, eScholar, Game based learning, Mobile learning, Virtual environments

Through the use of augmented reality Leah Irving and Julie Hoffman developed a learning resource that layered Aboriginal stories over the urban landscape. Students had the opportunity to experience these stories in the geographical location using their mobile devices. The resource was designed to assist in students’ reflection on Aboriginal culture.

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