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eScholar 2010 – Group connectivity and peer assessment using a wiki

Lynne Quartermaine utilised the wiki functionality to analyse student productivity and collaboration. Peer-review was favoured by students as it made the assessment enjoyable and fair.

Collaborative writing tool for small group work

Adobe Buzzword, a collaborative writing tool, was used to encouraged students to work together in formulating a correct response to a sample exam question.

Stimulating group work amongst a mix cohort students and study modes

The Group Pages tool in Blackboard was used to foster collaboration on mandatory group work, grouping strategies were used to accomodate for students who often work fly-in fly-out (FIFO) in remote locations and on different rosters.

Issue 29 – Using iPads at Curtin

Are you considering how you could use an iPad in your work and other day-to-day tasks?

The Curtin iPad Users Group might be just the network to help you explore the exciting and practical possibilities this device offers.

The Curtin iPad Users Group inaugural meeting was held in March. This self-sustaining learning community provides a hub for generating positive collaborations among staff from diverse work areas with the potential to stimulate leadership and good practice in mobile learning.

What’s driving the interest in […]

Issue 28 – Interactive Rubrics

A rubric is an assessment tool designed to outline the expectations for achievement. It is usually explicitly designed to support as well as to evaluate student learning.

Development and use of rubrics operates across assessment design, communication, marking, analysis and feedback experience.

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