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Remote digital access to work and life is a human right, don’t forget the disability community when Quarantine is lifted

By Professor Katie Ellis, Director Centre of Culture and Technology Originally posted in The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) on 24 April 2020. __________________ Life has changed swiftly with one in five people worldwide going into coronavirus lockdown by March 2020. Efforts to ensure people can work, learn and access cultural life from home are key […]

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Masking power in the age of contagion: the two faces of China in the wake of coronavirus

Shutterstock Haiqing Yu, RMIT University and Michael Keane, Curtin University China has gradually emerged out of its shadow of despair as the epicentre where the coronavirus pandemic started. Now, there is face saving required – as well as agenda-setting in the global power play. China played a decisive role in combating the invisible enemy. Chinese […]

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Digital Silk Roads: a model for a community of shared future

October 12, 2018 Project Outputs, Research Reports, Conference Papers & Blogs, Sand Pit Project Outputs Reposted from DigitalChina and written by Michael Keane The Belt and Road Initiative (or BRI), describes the overland corridors that connect Western China with Europe via Central and South Asia. Initiated in 2013 by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the BRI idea also […]

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Doing justice to disability: the upside of TEDx’s Stella bungle

Stella Young, the late disability activist in whose name TEDx Sydney launched #stellaschallenge. AAP Image/Supplied Gerard Goggin, University of Sydney and Katie Ellis, Curtin University We’ve made real progress in embracing disability as part of everyday life in Australia. But there’s a fair way to go, as the TEDx Sydney missed opportunity showed last week. […]

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Video on demand offers poor access for viewers with disabilities

Why do most Australian streaming services not offer basic accessibility features? Gregor Gruber Katie Ellis, Curtin University and Mike Kent, Curtin University Just over a year ago, on Australia Day 2015, Nine Entertainment Co. and Fairfax media launched Australia’s first video on demand (VoD) service, STAN, as a joint venture. Shortly followed by Presto and […]

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When exploiting kids for cash goes wrong on YouTube: the lessons of DaddyOFive

DaddyOFive parents Mike and Heather Martin issue an apology for their prank videos. YouTube Tama Leaver, Curtin University and Crystal Abidin, Curtin University The US YouTube channel DaddyOFive, which features a husband and wife from Maryland “pranking” their children, has pulled all its videos and issued a public apology amid allegations of child abuse. The […]

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In a globalised and networked world, what is the unique value a university can bring?

Digital ubiquity has disrupted the traditional university model. The internet has shifted the balance of a tension between control and disorder in knowledge production, with many of the opportunities the web brings leading directly to many of the challenges we now need to address. Lucy Montgomery and Cameron Neylon advocate for the idea of universities […]

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